Ergorest has many kinds of forearm rests in varying length, height, scale size, and color. It is not possible for me to deliver all products from stock. And then I have the option to offer a very limited range that I can deliver directly from stock or to allow you to still see what’s all possible at Ergorest forearm rests. I chose the latter and like to present you the whole assortment from which to choose. I have something in stock, I can also order directly from the manufacturer in Finland for you. The delivery can be a few weeks longer, depending on how busy the manufacturer is, vacations, etc. When a single product is not in stock and have to be ordered specially  for you in Finland, than is € 40.00 is charged to additional transport (UPS Standard).

In 2021, the manufacturer has closed the entire month of July.

It could also be possible to compose the desired product for you. This can eg. if you prefer a different color forearm rest on a product that it is in stock, or another upper clamp. At your service, Cees Geuze