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The Ergorest specialist

Welcome into this clear window in which more than 300 variants of the ergonomic Ergorest forearm supports are waiting for you. A window in which you can make a choice based on your specific needs, size and color. What we do not have in stock we order as importer / dealer directly for you from the manufacturer in Finland.

Ergorest: So simple, so effective.

Ergorest Armsteunen – Noordwijk zh
Healthcare Provider ADR Code: 76089686

Glued to the kitchen table by Coronavirus COVID-19..?

Can’t work in the office at your ergonomic desk and ergonomic chair?

Enrich your kitchen table with an Ergorest Desk Set and discover that you can enjoy working again. Even without an ergonomic desk and chair.

The AdviceCees-Geuze

Pain in arms and shoulders? In almost all cases, a common set Ergorest is the best solution. I myself am more than 1.90 meters tall and have long arms and already use for more than 30 years, the standard desk set (arm length 235mm and small pad).

Only in special cases it is convenient to choose for a longer arm. The big Support pad is useful in case of muscle failure.

For support and reduction of pain in the shoulders (or avoid them) I recommend the standard set Ergorest.

Ergorest Desk Set

Ergorest ergonomic Desk Set forearm supports

Ergorest Desk Set

Ergonomics in the workplace. The ideal combination for a work environment. An Ergorest and an Ergorest with Mouse platform. Both arms are supported and let your hand rest on the mouse. No pressure on your shoulders. The ideal set, also as an extension of your PC Gaming Setup. For even better control of your hardware (mouse and keyboard). Ergorest Desk Set from € 156.20.


Ergorest ergonomic forearm supports


An Ergorest ensures that your arm is supported properly and relieves your shoulder. This reduces the  risk on medical symptoms significantly .

Ergorest is not only to prevent complaints, but also well suited for computer users who already have symptoms.

Do not hesitate to visit the site or for an Ergorest in the color you want to have.

Ergorest from € 74.38

Ergorest with Mouse platform

Ergorest ergonomic forearm supports with Mouse platform.

Ergorest with Mouse platform

An extension to the Ergorest is the Mouse platform. This platform is mounted on the forearm supports and can be set in a plurality of positions.

Your arm is supported and your hand rests on the mouse. No pressure on your shoulders. A set of both Ergorest a Ergorest with mouse platform is a perfect combination.

Ergorest with mouse platform from € 92,56

Ergorest with Height Adjustment

Ergorest ergonomische forearm support with Height Adjustment

Ergorest with Height Adjustment

The height-adjustable Ergorest is supplied with an additional increase part. Useful for work to be carried out further above the worktop. Or when used on countertops thicker than 64 mm.

Ergorest in height from € 104.96

Ergorest with Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Ergorest ergonomic forearm rest with Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

Ergorest with Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)

The Ergorest with Electro Static Discharge (ESD) is provided as a regular armrest, and as a height-adjustable armrest (with additional increase part). Essential for activities where no electrostatic discharge may take place.

Ergorest ESD from € 93.39

Ergorest Replacement Parts

Ergorest ergonomic forearm rest Replacement Parts.

Spare Parts

Look here for ordering Ergorest replacement parts, such as a mouse pad and support pad in various colors, large or small clamps. Or for replacing parts.

Upper Clamp Extension

Upper Clamp Extension for Ergorest ergonomic forearm rests

Upper Clamp Extension

Now also available a solution for countertops thicker than 64 mm, namely the Upper Clamp Extension. Solid anodized aluminum and suitable for all Ergorest Armrests, including the Ergorest with mouse platform.

Exclusively for clients

PC Gaming Setup

The PC Gaming Setup

The ideal set as an extension to a Gaming Setup. For even greater control of the hardware (mouse and keyboard).

The two arms are supported by the arm supports, and the hand resting on the mouse. No pressure on the shoulders and upper arms. Ergorest the effective response to prevent and alleviate problems caused by the (long-term) gaming. Think of RSI, mouse arm, carpal tunnel syndrome and other similar complaints.


Better Ergonomics for a Better Life


Al meer dan 30 jaar gebruik ik de armsteunen van Ergorest. Zou niet meer zonder kunnen. Nooit meer last gehad van pijn in de armen en schouders.
Cees Geuze

Information Designer, Cees Geuze Information Design

Voor mijn werk zit ik vele uren per dag aan mijn bureau. In 2014 resulteerde dat in een nekhernia. De Ergorest armsteunen zijn een uitkomst voor mij, de hernia is inmiddels verleden tijd. Ik kan de armsteunen aan iedereen aanbevelen!

Marjoleine Schlösser


Al een flink aantal jaren had ik last van schouder en muisarm en eigenlijk hielp niets. Een aangepaste stoel met verstelbare leuningen gaf wel enigszins verlichting, maar sinds ik de armsteunen heb zijn mijn klachten echt verdwenen.

Thuis kon ik ze na aanschaf van een tafel met 12cm dik blad helaas niet meer monteren, maar ook daar bleek een oplossing voor. De speciaal hiervoor ontwikkelde verlengstukjes zijn echt een uitkomst! Ik kan niet meer zonder!

Rinus Timmers

Eigenaar, TimboDesign

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