Adjusting your Ergorest


Ergorest is an effective tool in the prevention of a range of complaints and illnesses resulting from computer, office and industrial work.

Pay attention to the correct installation of the support and work ergonomics to achieve the best result.

In the correct working posture, the position of the head and neck is natural and the angle between the body, elbows and knees is greater than 100°. The backrest of the chair is slightly tilted and the feet rest on a foot support.

First adjust the height of the desk to suit your sitting position. Then adjust the forearm supports so that they provide light support. Do not adjust the support so that it is too high.

  • Wrists:
    Ergorest prevents carpal tunnel syndrome and tenosynovitis.
  • Elbows:
    Erogrest prevents tennis elbow and other elbow complaints.
  • Lower back:
    Ergorest forearm supports guide the body into a better working position, thereby preventing complaints arising from strain on the lower back.
  • Shoulders:
    Ergorest relaxes the shoulders and prevents complaints arising from muscular tension or strain.
  • Neck:
    Ergorest reduces the amount of strain on the neck, preventing neck complaints arising from muscular tension.
  • Head:
    An ergonomic work position helps you to concentrate on your work and keep your mind active.


Adjusting your Ergorest

Ergorest Montage
Heeft u een nog dikker werkblad dan 64 mm, dan kunnen we een speciale uitbreiding aan de bovenklem monteren die door ons zelf is ontworpen. Let op: Een dikker werkblad gaat wel ten koste van de instelbaarheid (hoogte) van de armschaal (4).


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